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PT. Gamma Mitra Lestari is a distributor company in Indonesia and dedicated to provide high quality products and services to customers. We have cooperation with many partners and suppliers (whether foreign and domestic) who are reliable and the best in their respective fields.

We mainly focused on selling products and solutions related to the application and benefits of nuclear technology in medical and industrial, especially in the areas of radiation protection and instrumentation, nuclear medicine, nuclear physics and radiopharmaceutical kits. We also ready to provide services, accessories and other relevant parts. We have professional team who always ready to support Customers.

Our Vision

To Become Your Partner in Nuclear Technology

Our Mission

Dedicated in Sales, Project, Application & Training and Services

"Your Partner In Nuclear Technology"

Nuclear Technology, Especially in Nuclear Medicine, Industrial, Research and Scientific

PT. Gamma Mitra Lestari is an Indonesian distributor company that providing many products and services to our valuable Customers. We have cooperation with many well known – good suppliers from outside and inside Indonesia.

One of our division focuses in business areas which are applying the benefits and welfare of nuclear technology, especially in Nuclear Medicine, Industrial, Logging and Education.

We support also other required and relevant accessories and spare-parts. As a reliable & valuable partner, we are ready to support Customers in services and solutions of design & engineering.

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  • PT. Gamma Mitra Lestari
  • Bintaro Business Center Jl. RC Veteran no 1-i Bintaro, South Jakarta Indonesia 12330
  • 021-7359272
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PT. Gamma Mitra Lestari
Your Partner In Nuclear Technology
  • 021-7359272
  • 021-73691615